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Laptop Battery For Ausu U32 U44 U82 4INR18/65 4INR18/65-2 4INR18/652 90-N181B4000Y 90N181B4000Y 90-N181B1000Y A41-U36 A42-U36

Yra sandėlyje

Capacity: 4400mAh

Voltage: 14.8V

Part Number: A41-U36, A42-U36 4INR18/65, 4INR18/65-2, 4INR18/652 90-N181B4000Y, 90N181B4000Y, 90-N181B1000Y

Fit Laptop Model: U36 Series U36J Series U36JC Series U36S Series U36SG Series U36JC0 -NYC, U36JC0 NYC, U36JC-A1, U36JCA1, U36JC-B1, U36JCB1, U36JC-B2B , U36JCB2B, U36JC-NYC2, U36JCNYC2 U36SD, U36SD-A1, U36SDA1, U36SD-DH51, U36SDDH51, U36SD-XH71, U36SDXH71 U36SG, U36SG-DS51, U36SGDS51, U36SG-XS71, U36SGXS71, U36sd-rx114v, U36sdrx114v U44EI245SG, U44EI233SG U82 Series U82U Series U44 Series U44SG U32U U32 Series

VALENX ELECTRONICS CO., LTD VALENX ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is a company focused on the design and manufacture of laptop batteries. The company was established in 2008, 2009 passed the ISO9001 certification, and in 2009 successfully completed ISO9001: 2008 upgrade. We have 10 years of professional notebook battery design and manufacturing history. In 2008, we got Atmel's technical support to enter the notebook battery manufacturing industry. The company continued steady development, the existing staff of more than 100 people, mainly in Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen and other places. Valenx Laptop battery 2008, atmega406 and atmega8 + LM358 power management solutions 2012, atmega16HVB power management solution 2015, SINOWEALTH Electronic Ltd. SH79F329A power management solution We have all the copyright, all the solutions are using the same program framework for different MCU porting and optimization. For interested customers, we can provide reference source code and welcome your suggestions and inquiries. Our solution supports self programming, can use USB to update firmware, support your own code to replace our code( Before doing this, please carefully verify your own code ).



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Modelio Numeris A42-U36
Tinka modeliams 1 U36SD, U36SD-A1, U36SDA1, U36SD-DH51, U36SDDH51
Garantija 24 mėnesiai
Elementų 8 ELEMENTŲ
Tinka modeliams 4 4INR18/65, 4INR18/65-2, 4INR18/652
Pakuotė Taip
Tinka Modeliams 2 U36SG, U36SG-DS51, U36SGDS51, U36SG-XS71
Suderinamos Prekės ASUS
Tipas Li-Ion
Baterijos Talpa 4001 - 5000 MAh
Prekės Pavadinimas VALENX
Akumuliatoriaus Įtampa 14.8 V
Produktų Statusas Sandėlyje
Tinka modeliams 3 U44EI245SG, U44EI233SG
Pakuotės Dydis 25cm x 10cm x 4cm (9.84in x 3.94in x 1.57in)
Pakuotės Svoris 0.32kg (0.71lb.)
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